Photoreport from the Decades concert tour of the group Nightwish in Berlin

A concert of the Finnish band Nightwish took place on 5 November in Berlin at Max-Schmeling halle on the Decades tour.

Decades is the seventh world tour of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, which was launched in support of the seventh compilation of the same name. The concerts of this tour include a special set list, which presents the rare songs of creativity Nightwish.

At the opening Nightwish performed Finnish group Beast in Black, which sang 9 songs.

Set list of Nightwish:

1). End of All Hope

2). Wish I Had an Angel

3). 10th Man Down

4). Come Cover Me

5). Gethsemane

6). Élan

7). Sacrament of Wilderness

8). Dead Boy’s Poem

9). Elvenjig

10). Elvenpath

11). I Want My Tears Back

12). The Carpenter

13). Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean

14). The Kinslayer

15). Nemo

16). Slaying the Dreamer

17). The Greatest Show on Earth

18). Ghost Love Score

19). The Greatest Show on Earth (Outro)


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